About the podcast


Minds Behind Maps is a podcast started in April 2021 in the middle of the pandemic, from my bedroom (and it still is).

It's the podcast I wanted to listen to, but couldn't find. It's a place where I can have candid conversations with people building maps, using satellite imagery and Earth Observation to solve interesting problems. But this is also about the people doing this work; I've been curious to know more about how these people ended up where they are and why they were working on one project and not another.

This podcast is my exploration of the world of geospatial, Earth Observation and overall building maps in general; a place to ask simple questions to people doing sometimes complicated things. I firmly believe that in a world of faster & shorter intercations on social media, we need more places to take the time to have longer, thoughtful conversations. This is my attempt at having these conversations around the technology, but also the social impact and economics of buildings maps & using satellite images to solve problems down on Earth.

In person recording with Joe Morrison, both of us smiling after a nearly 3h long conversation

In person recording with Joe Morrison, talking about making satellite imagery more widely accessible.

I started because I wanted to see how it would go, and kept going because I fell in love with the process. I hope you'll find some of these conversations as enriching or at least as entertaining as I do.

About Me

I'm Maxime Lenormand, I currently work as geospatial data scientist in a small start-up in the Netherlands. However as my name might imply, I'm French, and consider myself a citizen of the world more than attached to any specific country.

I originally studied aerospace mechanical engineering, for some time never wanted to have anything to do with softwre. Yet a few years later, I'm deep into the world of Earth Observation, with experience on multiple applications with multiple technologies. I've worked on monitoring deforestation, then worked at Iceye, who is building and operates the world's larget radar imagery constellation, on building tools for worldwide timely flood monitoring. I now work with optical images on preventing wildfires, along side running this podcast!

Me playing guitar in the mountains

Outside of computers satellites and maps, I like discovering and learning music, reading about people and the world, and having (more) conversations with fellow humans.