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Sponsor the podcast

Nerdy stuff you might want to know about the podcast listener-ship. At the time of writing:

1. Episodes are published twice a month, on the 1st & 15th of every month.

2. New episodes get between 300 - 450 downloads in the first month (only from podcast, not counting YouTube which sometimes outperforms the audio podcast*)

3. Talking about YouTube*, you can see the exact real time numbers for yourself. This is still quite early on so I would consider that cherry on top. It varies a lot, from 50 to 500 unique viewers additionally - not views, unique viewers.

4. Price of sponsorship: 100€ / episode for a ~30s ad read. Preference towards multiple episode sponsorships, i.e. 3 or 6 episodes.

Find more detailed info on the media kit

Note: I reserve the right to decide who I choose as a sponsor. Keep in mind, people listen to the show for it's authenticity. That goes for sponsorships too, I want to work with companies & brands I think can provide genuine value to the audience.

* I separate YouTube metrics from podcast downloads as the engagement rates are usually lower on YouTube. Many times people put a podcast while doing something else (run, dishes, driving) whereas clicking on the next video YouTube is a encouraged by the platform.

You can reach out to me on the contact form if you're interested.


How I make money & why I want to tell you

At the time of writing the only way I make money is through companies sponsoring the podcast. So to those companies, thank you!

It costs me around 75€ / month in diverse hosting & services used to make the podcast (from hosting this website & the podcast itself to platforms used to record) and that doesn't cover all the 1 time purchases & time invested. Preparation, research, hosting editing & promoting takes me about 30h / episode at the moment.

So basically, I don't make any money from this whatsoever.

I do want to be transparent about what the value proposition is then. I hate not knowing how companies make money (something something you the product...) so I'd like to at least try to provide some reasons for the podcast. I do think we should normalize more asking what incentives people are going after, I think it helps everyone make better decisions.

1. I think the Earth Observation & Geospatial Industries aren't very good at telling their own story. I'd like to fix that

2. I have many questions about how a lot of people got to where they are, and what they do. I figured if I have those questions, I'm sure others do to

3. I believe we need better media, and longer form content that isn't trying to convince you one side is right or wrong. I want more conversations where the goal isn't to be right but to hear each other out. I believe long form conversations are one of the best ways to achieve this.

From there, I want to work with companies for a few reasons:

1. I do think marketing is important. Some people do great stuff, and yet few people know about it, if I can help spread the word around interesting projects that sounds like a good idea to me

2. I want to grow this podcast. Make it better, higher production quality, more interesting. Like everything, that takes money. Hiring someone to help is the next step.

I want to keep doing this podcast for a long period, so I want to make this sustainable.